Great Barrier Reef

About VeganicSKN

Our products are 100% Certified Vegan and 100% Organic + ZinCLEARXP,  gentle, everyday physical sunscreens.

Our star active ingredient (Nanoparticle Free Zinc Oxide) provides superior Broad Spectrum protection against Blue light, UVA, UVB and UVC rays. Zinc Oxide is also an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial powerhouse and essential trace mineral that is Reef Safe, 100% photostable (Does not break down in the presence of sunlight), does not react with chlorinated swimming pool water or degrade with age. Zinc Oxide keeps your potential customer’s skin protected and safe from harsh UV rays and various pathogens.

Advance Zinctek’s specialised ZinClear based organic dispersion technologies ensure the product is easy to apply, transparent, dry touch and has the consistency of mainstream sunscreens, while using only 100% Organic + ZinCLEARXP, 100% Certified Vegan premium ingredients that enhance the wellbeing of potential customers.

VeganicSKN is a subsidiary of the Australian-based ASX listed company focused on manufacturing high SPF rated, 100% Certified Vegan and 100% Organic + ZinCLEARXP, zinc-based Suncare and Skincare products. Our unique business model allows us to offer a private label product solution or exclusive brands, via a diverse brand portfolio.

All products are SPF (Sun Protection Factor) rated, manufactured in a GMP,  TGA and FDA approved, Brisbane based facility, and are available with an AUST L number and/or FDA registration.