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Trial our ZinClear SPF50 Sunscreen (Base formula) in Clear SKN 01 and Olive SKN 04 tints! 


This purchase includes 4 tubes, 2 Reef Safe Mineral Sunscreen in Clear SKN 01 and 2 EcoZinc Tint Facial Sunscreen in Olive SKN 04. They are an ideal way to get a feel for the base formula as they do not have many additional ingredients. However they are still a good showcase of our formulas and what they can do. Though they are mostly the same formula they do have varying tints to trying them all will give a good idea of the different colours that the sunscreen can be tinted to. It is also worth noting that our sunscreens are tinted using naturally occuring iron oxide so there can be slight variantions in the colour between different batches due to the nature of the ingridents so future batches of the formula may have very slight differences in tint from previous batches.


Please note our base formulation has an almost identical feel/texture to our remaining formulations. This sample pack will enable you to get a feel for the complete range. 

4 x Certified 100% Vegan Organic Sunscreens

    • Certified Vegan Organic (NSF/ANSI) & FDA Approved
    • Australian Made
    • Dermatologically Tested
    • Ocean Friendly
    • Cruelty Free
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