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Standard Terms and Conditions:


  • 110g Airless Pump Including Label and Safety Seal

  • 4 Weeks Ex-Brisbane after label design approval

  • 10 Working Days for Re-orders (Subject to labels being in stock)

  • 36g & 70g Airless Pump – click here to view prices and MOQs

  • All Airless Pumps are made from polypropylene (PP) plastic which is recyclable and is a by-product with lower greenhouse gas emissions and lower energy use.

  • Boxes for Airless Pumps can be purchased for an additional $0.75 per unit (lead time 40 days)

  • BULK

    • Orders over 125Kg Price available on Request, AU & US: TGA / FDA approved facility required for packaging

    • Lead Time 10 Working days

  • Soft Tubes Including Printing Directly On Tubes

    • 3-4 months Ex-Brisbane after tube design approval

    • 10 Working Days for Re-orders (Subject to tubes being in stock)

    • Available in 100% Biodegradable Sugar Cane Tube and a Recyclable Cap made with at least 20% post-consumer recycled plastic

  • Customer Supplied Tubes and Pumps:

    • Subject to compatibility with our packaging equipment, please post a minimum of 10 units to 243 Milton Road, Milton QLD 4064, Australia for testing



  • Orders of 10,000 units and over

  • Available scents: Vanilla, Coriander and Grapefruit.



  • All products can be tinted to:

  • Clear SKN 01

  • Fair SKN 02

  • Olive SKN 04

  • Tan SKN 07

  • Custom Tint: For orders over 10,000 units, custom tint can be approximately matched to customer sample (Please post to 243 Milton Road, Milton QLD 4064, Australia)



  • In-Vivo SPF testing conducted in compliance with US Food and Drug Administration 2011 Static 21 CFR 201.327 and Therapeutic Goods Administration (AS/NZS) 2604:2021

  • In-Vitro SPF testing in compliance with ISO 24443:2021 (each batch is certified)

  • Approved Markets for Sale of Products: United States, Australia, New Zealand, European Union, United Kingdom, South Africa, India, Canada, Asia (may require local listings)

  • 40 minutes Water resistant tested to FDA / TGA (AS/NZS 2604:2021) requirements.

Currently, the testing for water resistance is performed in still water, consequently, we believe any claims above 40 minutes are misleading as they do not reflect real life scenarios and expose consumers to potentially dangerous levels of UV radiation.

  • No further modifications are possible without additional in vivo testing (AUD$10,000 average per single test, may require several). Additionally, minimum 6 month accelerated stability test for 2 years shelf life, 9 months for 3 year (if failed must be retested).



  • Label printing is included in the price, label templates and checklists can be found here

  • Our in-house graphic designer is available to create your label free of charge (subject to T&Cs)

  • Final artwork and checklist must be dated and signed prior to VeganicSKN approval (TGA requirement)

  • Ex-stock products available with the choice of 100 preformatted label options (10 front, 10 back)

Small variations in colour and typeface between the design file and final product are unavoidable



Refer to manufacturing agreement.



  • All orders are Ex-Brisbane factory, shipping is not included.

  • Larger palletised orders can be shipped to our EU or US warehouse (price and lead time on request).

  • Insurance: Goods in transit are customers responsibility.



  • NDA is a part of our manufacturing agreement.

  • We do not formulate for 3rd parties – our formulas are covered by an NDA


Sunscreen sample pack available online and includes all current products in 110g pumps:

20 x Vegan Organic Ethical Zinc Sample Certified 100% Vegan Organic (NSF | VeganicSKN



Chemical sunscreen causing cancer lawsuit “Johnson & Johnson manufactured and sold Neutrogena sunscreen contaminated with unsafe levels of the cancer-causing chemical benzene, causing a woman in Georgia to develop cancer, a new lawsuit alleges.  Plaintiff Kathy McCathie claims she developed cancer, including squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma, after using Neutrogena sunscreen products that she says she didn’t know were contaminated with benzene.”

For more information, please contact us here

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