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"It's not just business, it's personal" - Geoff Acton

Our Non-Executive Director, Geoff Acton, has endured 33 skin cancer procedures since 2005. Despite years of wearing traditional sunscreens, Geoff's skin bore the brunt of sun damage. His personal struggle exemplifies the essential need for safer, more effective sun protection solutions.

In 2019, a pivotal moment arrived. The FDA issued a proposed rule on sunscreens, indicating that out of the 16 commonly used UV filters, only Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide were recognized as Generally Recognized As Safe and Effective (GRASE)​ 1 2​. This re-evaluation was a striking reversal from earlier positions, raising concerns about the safety of several UV filters that had been used for decades without stringent review. This revelation was a significant validation of our mission at VeganicSKN.

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"From soil to skin: my promise, my passion for organic" - Joseph Mizikovsky

Joseph Mizikovsky, CEO of VeganicSKN, began his career in the skincare industry with AstiVita, leading it to be successfully aquired by ASX: TWD for $15 million in 2022. In 2020, he established VeganicSKN, addressing the shortcomings he observed in contract manufacturing, with a focus on organic skincare, innovation, and transparency.

Under his leadership, VeganicSKN has developed more than 12 certified vegan and organically audited private label formulations. The brand emphasizes the use of natural Australian zinc oxide (ZinClear) and maintains a commitment to efficiency, evidenced by its 15-working-day lead time. Joseph's strategic direction for VeganicSKN includes a $7 million investment in IP and advanced manufacturing capabilities to foster the development of sustainable sunscreen products.

Joseph Mizikovsky

Strength in Numbers


Women majority company


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Supplying into 10+ international markets

"Steering the helm down under, I'm all about bottling up the Aussie sun, surf, and soil."
- Michael Smeaton

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Michael Smeaton, our esteemed Factory Manager and National Sales Manager, plays a pivotal role in VeganicSKN's commitment to combating Australia's alarming skin cancer rates through prevention. With Australia leading the world in skin cancer incidences, Michael's dedication is rooted in his belief that our vegan organic skincare, especially our sunscreen, offers a critical line of defense. By eliminating petrochemicals and harmful chemicals from our products, he ensures that VeganicSKN not only nurtures the skin but also protects it naturally against the harsh Australian sun.

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