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About VeganicSKN


"It's not just business its personal"

Our Non-Executive Director, Geoff Acton has had 32 skin cancer procedures since 2005. Even with years of wearing regular sunscreen, Geoff still suffered from the effects of major sun damage.


Suzuki et al. (2005) reviewed thirty-five studies that have raised concerns about the potential adverse health effects caused by chemical UV filters. A recently published study by Ginzburg et al. (2021) suggested: “that caution must be taken when formulating sunscreens containing both zinc oxide and small-molecule (petrochemical) UV-filters to avoid unintended consequences during use.” This was highlighted recently when Mineral Sunscreens by Banana Boat, Coppertone, and Neutrogena were recalled due to contamination.

FDA sunscreen safety review (24/09/2021) confirmed Zinc Oxide to be the only broad-spectrum UV-Filter considered safe and effective.  

The chemical UV-Filters below have been identified as potentially toxic and/or carcinogenic:

This is why VeganicSKN developed and patented a range of exclusive, Private Label and Branded, 100% Organic (NSF/ANSI 305-2016) and 100% Certified Vegan Zinc Based, Preservative free, and Non-Nano Sunscreens.

All our products are SPF (Sun Protection Factor) rated, manufactured in a GMP,  TGA and FDA approved, Brisbane based facility, and are available with an AUST L number and/or FDA registration.

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Ethical Zinc_3x tint_grass.jpg

Our unique business model allows us to offer a private label product solution or exclusive brands, via a diverse brand portfolio. 


VeganicSKN uses the Australian-based ASX listed company 'Advanced ZinTek' Zinc  Oxide. Advanced ZinTek focuses on manufacturing high SPF rated, 100% Certified Vegan and 100% Organic + ZinCLEARXP, zinc-based Suncare and Skincare products.  Advance Zinctek’s specialised ZinClear based organic dispersion technologies ensure the product is easy to apply, transparent, dry touch and has the consistency of mainstream sunscreens, while using only 100% Organic + ZinCLEARXP, 100% Certified Vegan premium ingredients that enhance the wellbeing of potential customers.

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