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VeganicSKN was established in 2020 by Joseph Mizikovsky and his family in Australia. Rooted in a rich legacy that dates back to organic farming in the 1920s Odessa, our company began as, and continues to be, a family-driven venture passionate about creating organic, sustainable skincare products.


The story of VeganicSKN begins in the 1920s in Odessa, where our Jewish grandfather, Dr. Joseph Mizikovsky, was raised on his family's organic farm. Amidst this setting, he learned the principles of organic farming, gaining a deep respect for nature. His experiences as a field medical doctor during the Great Patriotic War further shaped his understanding of life and health.



The Mizikovsky family achieved their lifelong dream by venturing into organic winemaking, establishing Flinders Peak Winery in Australia.

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Throughout the 2000s, Joseph, Kevin, and Gregory Mizikovsky spent their childhood at Flinders Peak Winery. This formative experience, surrounded by the practices of organic farming and living off the land, instilled in them a deep appreciation for nature and sustainability.

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In the 2010s, our family began acquiring shares in Advance ZincTek, a company specializing in the production of Australian-made, non-nano, food-grade zinc oxide, ZinClear. Advance ZincTek, established in 1997, evolved from a technology developed by the University of Western Australia, and later listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2005 (ASX code ANO). By the end of 2021, the company had grown to become Australia's largest Zinc Oxide manufacturer, with a capacity of 5000T

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Joseph Mizikovsky founded VeganicSKN in 2020, focusing on addressing the shortcomings in contract manufacturing with an emphasis on organic skincare. VeganicSKN quickly made significant strides, developing over 12 certified vegan and organically audited formulations. In 2021, VeganicSKN achieved a milestone with FDA registration, followed by TGA registration, enhancing its global presence. Joseph's strategic leadership, including a $7 million investment in intellectual property and advanced manufacturing, has solidified VeganicSKN's reputation as a leader in sustainable and efficient sunscreen production.

Joseph Mizikovsky

Strength in Numbers


Women majority company


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